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How much Amazon worth ? | Latest Update (2020)

     Investing in itself has been a core tenet of Amazon’s business and it doesn’t show signs of flagging the company has held first to its always day one mantra which Jeff Bezos introduced back in the 90s.


      Amazon’s internal investments also keep its bill down saving the corporate money while we don’t know exactly what Amazon pays in taxes various estimates suggest its rate is low thanks in part to its huge investments in its business what we do know is that its taxes have provided plenty of fodder for presidential candidates like Joe Biden whos mentioned in on his campaign and Elizabeth Warren who included the company as an example in her new corporate tax proposal.

      President Donald Trump has also her and the company for not paying enough taxes Amazon has responded that its simply paying what the government says it owes and the end result is that they are keeping plenty of profit for themselves they made $ 280B in sales in 2019, $ 232B in 2018, $ 177B in 2017 and $ 123B in 2016 that is a huge year-on-year increase and with the company’s policy of reinvestment it seems poised to make much more in the coming years this results from Amazons rock-solid corporates statistics more than 100 million people subscribe to their Amazon Prime program and $ 1400 is the average spent by Amazon Prime members each year.

      Considering that Amazon had only 1.5 million customers in its first year this is massive. These customers are not shopping for a single item Amazon shipped over 5 billion items worldwide in 2017 net income is the amount that a company makes after accounting for costs and Taxes. Amazon’s net income was $ 10B in 2018, $ 3 billion I 2017.

How much Amazon worth ? | Latest Update (2020)

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     Skeptics claim that because of Amazon’s reinvestment strategy they rarely turn a sizable profit and this was true for many years but now the strategy has paid off and anyone who bought Amazon Stock 5 or 10 years ago is certainly thanking themselves. In 2010 the price was hovering around $100 and now only 10 years later it is closer to $ 1700 meaning that investment would have increased by 1700%.

     Amazons gobble up many popular companies including the audiobook service AUDIBLE and gaming platform TWITCH, clothing distributors ZAPPOS, and Whole Food Market. The purchases of Whole Food Market was unsettling to many of Amazon’s competitors because it represented its first major move into brick-and-mortar stores traditional retailers like Target and Walmart have struggled to keep up with the behemoth and many other once-ubiquitous stores like Borders bookstore and Macy’s have either closed completely or reduced locations dramatically, either way, it’s like Amazon may be responsible for the majority of purchases someday even though it has some very vocal critics its detractors bring up the fact that Amazon treats its workers poorly and pays them below the living wage.

     The Guardian wrote a massive expose about how Amazon exploits its workers and fights unions although they raised their minimum wage to $ 15/hour. They quietly reduced workers benefits to make up the difference then there’s the environmental issue sending packages individually instead of in bulk has a huge footprint and Amazon’s legendarily/packaged products create an excessive waste beyond this critics believe that Amazon facilitates the human rights crisis on the US-Mexico border through the use of their web services.

    But the fact remains Amazon is extremely popular and Jeff Bezos the mysterious billionaire behind the company continues to get richer and richer with a net worth well in excess of $ 100B.Jeff Bezos is easily the richest person in the world.

How much Amazon worth   Latest Update (2020)
Jeff Bezos

    Bezos apparently used to be an occasionally explosive boss for there are rumors that he has an executive coach to help tone it down in fact Bez0s was seen by the public as needlessly quantitative and data-driven some even viewed him as cold-blooded. His relative lack of philanthropy compared to other billionaires has drawn a negative response from the general public since 2016.

    His company has the highest valuation of any other in the world Vsauce is pretty hesitant to give kickbacks to his own employees. In general, he has set a frugal tone at Amazon which doesn’t throw perks like massages or free lunch at employees. Not everyone knows that Beezus came from humble beginnings.

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Amazon is the second most valuable company in the world with a valuation of just over $1 Trillion what started as modest book merchants became the biggest success from the late 90s calm boom now its founder Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man on earth.

Now in 2020, Amazon Worth after calculating the current stock price into total numbers of stocks is approx $1197.61B which is massive.

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